Bruno a développé de façon significative les ventes de BT Broadcast Services en France auprès des grands comptes (groupes audiovisuels français). Grâce à sa connaissance du monde de la communication, il a su comprendre les besoins des chaînes ou des bouquets pour leur proposer des solutions adaptées qui leur ont permis de développer leurs activités ou d’améliorer leur productivité, et ce, en coordonnant les équipes pluridisciplinaires de BT. J’ai apprécié les qualités commerciales de Bruno (empathie, sens de l’organisation, ténacité, force de proposition) au travers de notre collaboration.

Philippe Vuillaume, Directeur Commercial, Media, Broadcast, Internet, Satellite

Not only Bruno is an excellent profesional with fast thinking and analytical skills, adaptable to new environment and people, but also demonstrates a sense of ethic which deserves your trust. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with him in the past at BT and to work now in the same group (Orange).

Xavier Pignède, Corporate Buyer at Buyin

Bruno is very result driven and straigtforward. He is really able to drive the team attention on Customer requirements and expectations. He also has a good writing capacity to stress the major points on a proposal or a Customer claim. I was very delitghted and proud to work with him.

Arnaud Brun, Business Developer

Bruno is a strategic thinker who brings a distinctive style to client relationship development. Within this style is a passion for integrity, high professionalism and drive for results, an ability to see the longer term vista and clearly articulate the need for change.

Robert Shotliff, Founding Partner, Teleios

Bruno is a very tenacious and customer-focused sales manager. He has always achieved very good results thanks to his business acumen, strong human skills and diplomacy combined with a great sense of the company’s interests. In addition, he is a great team-player with other functions and is very respectful of them.

Isabelle Gabrielli-Fidelin, Senior Legal Counsel at Vodafone

Bruno is an excellent customer advocate, with very good understanding of their needs and finds a way to help the business deliver for his customers.

He also has a very good knowledge of the broadcast & media industry.

Mark Smith, Managing Director ScheduAll